Peas Spread

Did you know you could make a nice spread out of your fresh peas? It is very easy to add to your list of things you can do for a quick get together with friends or a cookout and it’s on the healthy side. Not too many people fancy peas, but they are tasty if done right.  Eat with some toasted country bread or multigrain. 

   1 pound of fresh peas
   ¼ pound of pine nuts
   3 fresh mint leaves
   2 tbsp of olive oil
   ½ lemon juice
   1 garlic
   salt & pepper

1.     Bring some water in a pan to boil.
2.     Add the peas and let cook for 90 seconds.
3.     Drain in a colander and set aside.
4.     In a mixer or blender, add the peas and the rest of the ingredients except for the salt and pepper
5.     Transfer into a clean bowl after mixing and add some salt and pepper and let cool down and enjoy.