Petit Beurres

Today we are taking you to Nantes, France.  Nantes is a city in western France on the banks of the Loir, just upriver from the Atlantic coast. Growing up, one of the snacks that we always had was “Petit Beurre,” the French version of shortbread that originated in Nantes. 

You might have seen them in your local grocery store because their popularity has spread around the globe, with the best-known brand being Petit Lu.

They are usually rectangular in shape with scalloped edges and are docked, the holes common to shortbread.  One of the distinct things though about Petit Lu is their dark, almost burnt corners. They were crispy enough that the sugar in the shortbread did not overpower our taste buds, and they simply melted in our mouths with every bite. They were  another perfect tea snack.

 Even though we could buy them in any store in France growing up, we learned to make our own. We vividly remember the smell as we baked them at home. As always, homemade is better!